Committee of Corporate Advisors (CCA)

The Committee of Corporate Advisors (CCA) is a unique forum composed of a wide and diversified range of companies committed to promoting bone, muscle and joint health. Members of the Committee include leading companies in pharmaceuticals, orthopaedic/medical devices, and the food and nutrition industries.

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Join the Committee of Corporate Advisors

The International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) invites companies to enter into a collaborative relationship with IOF, the largest global network of stakeholders involved in the promotion of bone health and the fight against osteoporosis and related diseases. As a CCA Member, your company enjoys exclusive benefits and has a seat at the table of the world’s most influential and respected body in the field. To find out more about our Committee of Corporate Advisors, please download:

CCA Membership invitation and application form (PDF, 726 KB)

IOF Committee of Corporate Advisors

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Partnering for change

Joining the IOF CCA is the first step towards developing partnerships with IOF in support of its important programmes and projects. A a CCA member, your company may also opt to partner in a wide range of programmes and support our global work towards dramatically improving bone, muscle and joint health. We invite you to find out more about IOF corporate partnerships and how your company can partner for change.

IOF thanks all its CCA members and its corporate partners for their support and meaningful contribution for promoting and advancing bone, muscle and joint health.